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Name ePaper display type
Huawei MatePad Paper 10.3" 1872 x 1404 E Ink
SDC 32-inch color RLCD monitor 32" 1920x1080 RLCD
Ember Cube E Ink panel
TCL NxtPaper 10s 10.1" 1200x1920 NxtPaper
Mudita Harmony 2.84" 480x600 E Ink
Kobo Sage 8" 1440x1920 E Ink Carta 1200
Kobo Libra 2 1264x1680 7-inch E Ink Carta 1200
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, 2021 edition 6.8" 300 PPI E Ink
Ricoh eWhiteboard 4200 42" E Ink display
Fujitsu Quaderno A4 / A5 2021 10.3" 1404x1872 / 13.3" 1650x2200 E Ink Carta
Geniatech KloudNote 10.3" 1872 x 1404 E Ink display
OneWave Smart Card Flexible E Ink display
Hisense Touch 5.84-inch touch E Ink display
878 Project One Small palstic-logic E Ink
PocketBook 740 Color 7.8" 1404x1872 color E Ink
Bigme S3 7.8"1404x1872 color E Ink
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 12-inch 2560x1600 E Ink
Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR Round dot-matrix E Ink
Dasung paperlike 253 25.3-inch 3200x1800 E Ink
Hisense A7 6.7-inch 300 ppi E Ink display
Xiaomi Mi Reader Pro 7.8-inch 1878x1404 E Ink
Fossil Monroe Monochrome E Ink displays
Onyx BOOX Note Air 10.3" 1872x1404 E Ink
Onyx BOOX Max Lumi 13.3" 2200x1650 E Ink
Dasung Not-eReader 103 10.3" 872x1404 E Ink
Avalue E Ink Digital Paper Tablet 8.5 x 11 inch E Ink display
Qingping Cleargrass Round E Ink display
HiSense A5C 5.84" 1440脳720 color E Ink
Hisense Q5 10.5" monochrome RLCD
SQFMI Watchy 200x200 E Ink display
Lenovo ThinkBook Plus 10.8" Touch E Ink
Seagate Lyve Drive Shuttle Touch E Ink
Fossil Hybrid HR 1.06" E Ink
Fujifilm X-Pro3 1.28" color E Ink
Sharp WG-PN1 6" 800x600 E Ink
Amazon Kindle Kids Edition 6" 167 PPI E Ink Carta
Mudita Pure 2.84" 60x480 E Ink
Hisense A5 5.8" HD+ E Ink
Kobo Libra H2O 7" 1680x1264 E Ink Carta
Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019 7" 300 PPI E Ink display
Xiaomi Ink Case Smart Electronic Paper 10.3" 1404x1872 E Ink display
NOOK GlowLight Plus 7.8" E Ink display
Xiaomi iReader A6 6" 1448x1072 E Ink Carta
Dasung Paperlike HD-FT 13.3" 2200x1650 Touch E Ink
EeWrite E-pad 10.3" 1872 x 1404 E Ink Mobius
Amazon Kindle 2019 6" 167 PPI E Ink
Xiaomi QingPing Thermometer - Mijia version Round E Ink display
Onyx Boox Nova Pro 7.8" 1872x1404 Mobius Carta E Ink
Onyx Boox Note Pro 10.3" 1872x1404 Mobius Carta E Ink
LDLC Nemeio E Ink Keyboard 81 E Ink displays
Dasung Not-eReader 7.8" 300 PPI E Ink
NTT DoCoMo Card Keitai 600x480 E Ink display
Kobo Forma 8" 1440x1920 E Ink Carta
Astrohaus Traveler 6" E Ink
HiSense A6 5.6" HD E Ink Carta
CoolWallet S 24.6x21.9 mm E Ink display
Eve Room E Ink display
Boyue Likebook Mars 7.8" 1404x1872 E Ink display
Lenovo Yoga Book C930 ~8" E Ink display
GLIGO E Ink smartwatch Round E Ink display
Kobo Clara HD 6" 300 ppi E Ink
King Jim Pomera D30 E Ink writer 6" E Ink display
Faubel-Med E Ink smart label Active Matrix E Ink
Sony DPT-CP1 10.3" 1404x1872 E Ink
Light Phone 2 E Ink
Xiaomi Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Dot Matrix E Ink
Royole RoWrite NONE (regular paper + touch sensor)
Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3 6" 300 DPI E Ink
MpicoSys PicoSign 7.4" 480x800 to 31.2" color 2560x1440 E Ink
MpicoSys PicoLabel 2.7" 264x176 E Ink
Bookeen Saga 6" 1024x758 E Ink Carta
Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 7" 300 DPI E Ink
JOAN Premium 13" 1600x1200 E Ink Carta
Hisense A2 Pro 5.2-inch 960x540 E Ink
Progress Technologies eOneBook Dual 7.28" E Ink displays
Dasung Paperlike Pro 13.3" 1600x1200 Carta E Ink
YotaPhone 3 5.2" E Ink
JOAN Board 13" non-touch E Ink
Fujifilm GFX 50S Small active matrix E Ink
Oaxis InkCase i7 plus 5.2" 540x960 E Ink
Sony DPT-RP1 1650x2200 Mobius flexible E Ink display
Nolim e-reader 6" 1024x768 E Ink Carta
Kobo Aura H20 2017 6.8" E Ink Carta
Blendology E Ink badge 4" Plastic Logic E Ink
Verily life Sciences study watch Round active-matrix E Ink
Onyx Boox Typewriter 9.7" E Ink
Oaxis InkCase IVY 2.13" E Ink
Ginnovation MaterCall Numeric E Ink
HiSense A2 5.2" 960x540 E Ink
POP-I E Ink backpack 4.7" / 10" HD E Ink
Bluemint Labs Bixi 2.0 E Ink panel
QuirkLogic Quilla 42" touch E Ink
reMarkable paper tablet 10.3" 1872x1404 E Ink
Pixer digital photo frame 6" 300 DPI E Ink
Bookeen Cybook Muse HD 6" 1448x1072 (300 PPI) E Ink Carta
Bookeen Cybook Muse Light 6" 800x600 E Ink Carta
Invoxia Triby 2.9" E Ink display
Sony FES Watch U E Ink watch face and wrist band
Kobo Aura One 7.8" 300 ppi E Ink
iSport W194 Flexible E Ink display
Amazon Kindle (2016) 6" 167 PPI E Ink Pearl
Gvido Dual 13.3" flexible E Ink displays
Onyx Boox Max 13.3 13.3" 1600x1200 Flexible E Ink
inkBOOK Obsidian 6" E Ink Carta
Amazon Kindle Oasis 6" 300PPI E Ink
inkBOOK 8 8" E Ink
The Calendar Watch Small round E Ink
PopSlate 2 4.7" 800x450 E Ink
Sony Huis Touch E Ink display
Onyx Boox M96 9.7" 1200脳825 E Ink
Icarus Illumina XL 8" E Ink Pearl
Nagra IntuiTV E Ink graphic display
Withings Go Circular E Ink display
Huateng Flag D1 4.7" 960x540 E Ink
Sony FES watch Flexible E Ink
Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Plus 6" 300 DPI E Ink
Amazon Snowball E Ink panel
Noteslate Shiro 6.8" 1080x1440 E Ink pearl
ONYX Boox C67ML 6" 1024x758 E Ink Carta
Rimowa Electronic Tag Flexible Mobius E Ink panel
Kobo Touch 2.0 6" E Ink Pearl
Icarus Illumina 6" Pearl E Ink
Polyera Wove Band Flexible E Ink panel
SmartPal G1 1.26" 144x168 E Ink
Sonder keyboard Several small E Ink displays
Kindle Paperwhite (2015) 6" 300 DPI E Ink Carta
Siswoo R9 Darkmoon 4.7" 540x960 E Ink
Kobo Glo HD 6" 1448x1072 (300 PPI)
Icarus eXceL 9.7" 1200 x 825 E Ink display
Tago Arc Flexible curved E Ink
Dasung Paperlike 13" 1600x1200 E Ink
Lenovo Vibe Band VB10 Curved E Ink
LookSee Eyecatcher Curved flexible 150 PPI E Ink
Jaasta E Ink Keyboard Small E Ink displays
YotaPhone 2 4.7" E Ink panel
Plastc Small touch E Ink
Amazon Kindle Voyage 6" 300 PPI E Ink
Sony Smartband Talk 1.4" E Ink
Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ 1.5" Mirasol display
NeRD E Ink display
OAXIS InkCase i5 3.5" E Ink panel
Onyx Midia 4.3" front-lit E Ink
Faraday Porteur Electronic Bike Unknown
Tomoon T-Fire 1.73" 320x240 curved E Ink
Alcatel One Touch Hero Large (about 5") E Ink
Seiko Spirit SBPA003 1.5" active-matrix EPD (300 PPI)
Gajah InkCase 3.5" 360x600 or 4.3" 600x800
Yota Devices Ruby Small monochrome E Ink
Lexar Echo MX Segmented (Ink-in-motion)
Allerta Pebble 144x168 E Ink
Et贸n Rukus Solar Segmented (SURF)
Phosphor World Time Sport Touch curved SURF E Ink
Victorinox Secure SSD 96x48 E Ink
Sprint Novatel Wireless MiFi 3G/4G SURF E Ink display
Samsung Zeal E Ink based keyboard
Phosphor world time curved E Ink watch Curved segmented 'surf' E Ink display
Seiko EPD watch Active Matrix E Ink with 80,000 pixels, 4 gray levels, 300 dpi
Western Digital My Passport Studio 12 characters E Ink
Emue Technologies E Ink credit card 14-segment E Ink display
Dulin Boox e-reader 6" E Ink
Dulin PocketBook 360 5" E Ink
Dulin PocketBook 301 6" E Ink, 600x800, 16 grayscale
enTourage eDGe 1024x600 touch LCD (10.1") and a 9.7 touch E Ink (1200x825), 16 shades of gray
Barnes & Noble Nook 6" E Ink, 16-gray levels (there's also a 3.5" touch LCD)
txtr e-reader 6" E Ink
BeBook mini 5" E Ink display
Western Digital My Book Studio 2 / Elite 12 character E Ink
Astak Mentor 6", 4-level gray scale, 170dpi E Ink display
Verbatim InSight portable H/D 32 x 128 pixels
Hexaglot N518 5" touch E Ink, 8 shades of gray
IREX DR 800SG 8.1" touch (stylus) E Ink
AirPaper 50T 6" (800 x 600) e ink display up top and a 2nd 3.7" display for navigation
PocketBook 360 5" E Ink
iRiver Story 6" E Ink
Sony Reader daily edition 7" touchscreen E Ink, 16 levels of grascale.
Matsunichi ER600 ebook reader 5" or 6" E Ink, optional touchscreen
Aztak EZ Reader Pocket PRO 5", 8-level grayscale E ink screen
Sony PRS-600 touch 6" touchscreen E Ink
Sony PRS-300 5" E Ink
Ditto book 6" 4-level gray scale 600x800 pixels
Bookeen Cybook Opus 6" 200dpi 600 x 800 with an integrated accelerometer
Elonex eBook 6" E Ink
iRiver Libre 6" E Ink, 800x600 pixels.
IAC Prodigy E-book reader with 4 modems and touch E Ink 6" 800x600 16-grayscale touch E Ink display
Phosphor E Ink watches Segmented E Ink display
Samsung Alias 2 E Ink based keyboard
Amazon Kindle DX 9.7" 1200x824 (at 150 ppi) E Ink display, with 16 shades of gray
KDDI au W62CA GzOne Small monochrome E Ink display
KDDI au W61H (Hitachi) External 2.7" E ink display
Polymer Vision Readius Rollable 16-grayscale 320x240 5" screen
Foxit eSlick reader 6" E Ink display, 600 x 800 pixel resolution, 4-level gray scale
Samsung Papyrus A5 size e ink display
Amazon Kindle 2 6" diagonal E Ink display, 600 x 800 pixels at 167 ppi, 16-level gray scale
Motorola Motofone 2-lines of 6 characters e ink display
Lexar Jumpdrive Mercury 0.7mm think E Ink bar graph display
STAReBOOK STK-101 6" e ink, 800x600, 4-level gray scale
Jinke Hanlin e-reader V2 6" 600x800, 4-level gray
Sony PRS-700 6" e ink at 170DPI, 8-level gray
iRex Digital Reader 1000 10.2" E Ink display, 1024x1280 resolution, 160DPI, 16-level gray
iRex iLiad 8.1" touch e Ink display, 768x1024, 160DPI at 16 levels of gray scale
Bookeen Cybook Gen3 6" E Ink display, 600x800, 166dpi, 4-color grayscale
Sony PRS-505 e-book reader 6", 170 DPI, 8-level gray scale
Amazon Kindle 6" diagonal E Ink display, 600 x 800 at 167 ppi, 4-level gray scale



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